A Lazy Afternoon

Today is my holiday, I stay at my home and didn't do anything except watching tv, reading magazine and book. I feel great, haha, laziness and free time are a precious.

A afternoon like this is to feeling the time passing and enjoy it. You can feel the time slowly fade away, but when you don't pay attention to it, time will pass very quickly.

My dog Lily company me all the day, I walked him along the lake outside my house; the sky are blue, the clouds are white, the grasses is green. I feel great.

I took a picture of Lily and he did look at the camera, haha, so cute. At night, I have a sweet dream, a laziness dream.

Bought a New Bag for My Father

Today I bought a leather duffle bag for my father and he was so happy, he loved the bag so much and I could see the happiness from his eyes. He just came back from New York yesterday and we have missed the Father day. Hence we had a late Father day celebration today.


I bought this elegant leather duffel bag from dufflebagpro.com, they have many bags that I can choose. Finally, I stumbleupon a bag named David King, and I said: wow! this is definately the bag I should buy for my dear father. Thanks to the website and now my father has a nice duffle bag that can use for his business trips.

My father received a lot of gifts from my family, there are some eletrical devices, a nice t-shirt and many other things. I think he have a great day today, we are happy too, this is life isn't it. I hope you have a happy day as well.